Sherika Burton: “Make the best of everything"

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 :: 10:00 AM
BELIZE CITY, Belize, October 14 2020. – Sherika Burton started her interview with AFECAVOL talking about how she likes to make the best out of everything and her positive thinking while representing Belize.

The twenty three year old athlete has been playing volleyball since 2010, but she told us a funny story about her beginnings.

“I never really watched or knew about the sport called volleyball; however, one day my mom came home and told me we were going to go watch a volleyball game;  it was love at first sight” she said with bright eyes. “I was so fascinated and entertained by the sport that I told my mom I wanted to play”.

That’s how it all began for Sherika; in her own words, luckily she met Coach Lupita Quan “she told my mom that she was in charge of a female volleyball program and just like that my volleyball career started”.

She paused for a moment and said “Ms. Lupita Quan is someone in volleyball who I look up to; she is very passionate and dedicated to the sport and I admire the love she has for volleyball, which she transmits to all her players”.

Sherika has competed from U16 category up to the senior Belize national team; “it has been a great journey, I’ve made friends not only with my teammates but with several foreign players and each tournament has been a learning experience where I’ve had the opportunity to reinforce what I said at the beginning, making he best of everything”.

When asked about her greatest achievement in her volleyball career, without hesitating she answered “when we made history by winning the silver medal at the XX Central American Senior Female’s Championship”.  Also, it was the most challenging moment of her career, “we were playing at my home country, it was inspiring to have everyone cheering and supporting us” she added.

Sherika was granted with the Best Scorer and Best First Spiker Awards during her this Central American Championship; we are sure that if Belize would have crowned champions she would have been named MVP.

About her goals in volleyball, Sherika wants to be Central American Champion, compete in a Continental Championship and like every high performing athlete, one day reach the Olympics.

Sherika hopes to get back to practice soon, but mostly to represent Belize again “I am eager to compete, to be with my team and hopefully soon be performing internationally”.

Sherika Burton High School Acievements

During her High School volleyball career, Sherika was recognized with the SCA Volleyball Achievement Award in 2014 for her accomplishments:  4-Time Central Division High School Volleyball Champion, 4-Time National High School Champion, 2013 National High School Volleyball MVP, Best Scorer for 2011 U17 AFECAVOL Championship, U19 National Selection in 2011, Bronze Medal list for 2012 CODICADER Volleyball Championship, Best Attacker 2012 CODICADER Volleyball Championship, U19 National Selection in 2013, Best Attacker and MVP BDVA Division 1 Volleyball Championship in 2014.

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